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Minggu, 29 Juni 2014

Launcher Planet 2.41 APK

Download Launcher Planet 2.41 APK for your Android phone.

Current Version: 2.41

Requires Android: 4.0 and up

Category: Personalization

v2.41 update:

[v2.41 버전 업데이트]

▶ 자동 폴더 기능 추가

- 최초 설치 시 아이콘을 쉽게 정리할 수 있도록 [앱 자동 분류] 기능 추가

▶ 테마샵 개편

- 무료테마 500종, 배경화면 이미지 11만 건을 한 눈에 볼 수 있도록 수정

▶ 앱서랍 검색 기능 추가

- 최근 설치한 앱과 최근 사용한 앱을 쉽게 검색할 수 있도록 기능 수정

▶ 런처플래닛 13개국 언어 지원

▶ 공지영역 추가

- 한 눈에 공지사항을 볼 수 있도록 공지 영역 추가

▶ 홈메뉴 상단 알리미 추가

▶ 멀티 테마 기능 수정

- 선택 이미지로 배경화면이 지정되지 않던 현상 수정

- 갤러리에서 만든 아이콘이 테마 변경 시 자동 변경되도록 수정

▶ 홈화면 페이지 순환 기능 추가

- 카드, 런처 영역 구분없이 자유롭게 순환 가능

▶ 튜토리얼 변경 및 추가

▶ 런처플래닛 기본 테마 변경

▶ 백업 리스트에 [새로운 홈으로 복원] 기능 추가

▶ 날씨카드 기상 특복 정보 추가 및 레이아웃 수정

▶ 페이스북, 네이트 카드 기능 수정


Launcher Planet – The fastest and smoothest personalization app you will ever meet!

With its flat design and wide array of customization options, Launcher Planet allows you to switch from the typical default Android home screens to a more personalized and convenient one that is better suited to your tastes.

Choose from our assortment of themes, wallpapers, widgets, icons and folder designs, and tweak settings(color/filter/transparency and much more) to create your own personalized user interface.

Say goodbye to your boring old phone, and hello to a new, sexy, gorgeous phone right now!

—————————————————— FEATURES —————————————————————

★ Service Cards

Full Screen custom widget that utilizes motion identity to provide you with quick, simple access to your favorite apps without having the need to open them.

★ Fuss-free: No Need to Reorganize your Apps

Worried that you will have to redo your existing arrangement of apps that you painstakingly put together? Fear not! Unlike other launchers, Launcher Planet allows you to simply copy your previous organization of apps and folders to your new theme and background in one quick step.

Drag and drop to create a folder, pinch to resize it, or slide to browse the applications within without having to open the folder.

★ Handpicked Selection of Themes

Quality over Quantity. We choose to devote our resources to higher quality themes instead of spamming you with sheer volume, so that you may have the best guaranteed experience.

Over 400 new themes featuring simple, sleek and chic designs or related to interests such as fashion and sports have been released.* Search “Launcher Planet” to download them from Google Play now!

★ 100% Freedom

We advocate freedom of choice and do not pre-install any services and widgets to sway you into using them. Pick, design and create a phone that is truly yours!

★ Special Effects

(1) Gestures: Swipe up (down) to hide (reveal) your status bar, or double tap to open up an app. Set up your phone to obey your gesture commands in any way you please.

(2) Filter/Transparency Settings: Apply Instagram-like filters (Border, Lomo etc.) to your phone background and adjust transparency settings to customize it further.

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