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Rabu, 02 Juli 2014

BASE – Smart Notifications 3.8.3 APK

Download BASE – Smart Notifications 3.8.3 APK for your Android phone.

Current Version: 3.8.3

Requires Android: 3.0 and up

Category: Personalization

v3.8.3 update:

- Bug fixes

- Fixed the clock layout

- Added animation for text and notification


**Pardon our appearance, BASE is currently on Beta version. Please note that we still have some bugs and glitches, but you can help- send your feedback to, and we can create a better BASE together!**

BASE is an innovative tool that brings your mobile notifications to life. Instead of browsing through dozens of unnecessary notifications every day, BASE delivers only what’s really important exactly when you need it.

BASE is always there when you need it- on a screen you never thought can be used. Every time you get an important alert, your phone’s black screen comes to life, elegantly reminding you to interact with it. After a quick glance at the notification, a simple tap is all you need to dismiss the notification and launch your device directly to the relevant app.

BASE will also deliver you relevant suggestions and recommendations that best fit your needs. As you evolve as a user, BASE evolves with you. BASE get smarter and smarter overtime, constantly striving to deliver you the most relevant and accurate information tailor made especially for you. It saves you time and trouble by filtering the massive notification bar clutter, delivering smart content alongside generic Android notifications like Gmail, missed calls, SMS, and more.



Minimal Design - BASE features a dimmed display that is always on only when you need it. BASE saves you battery life by only switching on when in your hand, and keeping the screen off when in your pocket.

Smart Suggestions - Discover what’s going on around you in real time. Get traffic updates when you’re leaving home, find the best pizza place in your city and stay up to date with the live score of that big game tonight. BASE packs all the info you ever looked for, all in one place.

Perfect Timing - BASE becomes smarter and smarter over time. It fits itself to your schedule, and learns when and how you like to get your notifications. Big meeting at work? BASE will be quiet as a mouse, minimizing the notifications disruption factor.

Intuitive Experience - Tap on an incoming notification to unlock your phone directly to the relevant app. Bad timing? Swipe to dismiss the notification, and teach BASE it’s not a good time. Use other gestures like hover to interact with notifications and recommendations.


All information gathered by BASE is stored locally on your device to ensure your full privacy. Widdit will NEVER share any of your personal information with a third party agent.

Please Note- BASE don’t have a “Settings” menu, as it is growing and evolving with you over time. The more you use BASE, the smarter and more accurate it gets.

App developer? Learn how you can implement the BASE technology with your app, and discover a whole new way to communicate with your users at

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