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Senin, 23 Juni 2014

Atomic Green CM10.2 + Theme v. 2.10 APK

Download Atomic Green CM10.2 + Theme v. 2.10 APK for your Android phone.

Current Version: v. 2.10

Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up

Category: Personalization

vv. 2.10 update:

Version 2.10:

- Lockscreen: Dialer, MMS, Camera, Lockscreen icons

- Themed Emergency Call

- Keyboards: Fixed suggestion color

- Indeterminate progress bar: better style

- Wallpaper fixes to avoid Memory Leaks

NOTE: Sometimes you need to update the theme and reboot your phone to see the changes.

If anything goes wrong, uninstall and re-install Atomic Green.


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- You need a rooted phone to use this theme with Jelly Bean or Kitkat (that’s a must)

- You need a ROM with the Theme Chooser Engine to apply it.

Keep in mind that this theme doesn’t work as expected on Hktheme Manager

because of some inabilities of the Xposed Module to change the styles.

Full support cannot be done because it’s a limit of the Xposed Module, not the theme itself, thanks.


- Download the Atomic Green Plus CM11 Addons App, you can find it on the Play Store if you have a CM11 ROM!


1. Download the app and install it (you can’t open it)

2. Go to Settings>Themes (or the Themes section of your custom rom)

(If you don’t have this option you are using an unsupported Rom)

3. Swipe and select Atomic Green

4. Apply it

5. Reboot your phone/tablet to make all the changes


Don’t review or give bad ratings if you don’t know how to use it or don’t know how to root your phone,

I will not reply to them because they are not review of the product.

Instead, do a search with Google to unlock the potential of your device.

I’m sorry, but with over 4000 supported devices,

so I can’t help you root your device or install a custom rom.

If you have any problem with the graphics of the theme, send a mail,

or follow this page for news on the updates:


Created for MDPI, HDPI, XHDPI and XXHDPI devices,

With Atomic Green you can feel a unique, professional interface,

with crisp colors and new graphics, always different, that will personalize your phone or tablet with defined icons and a per-pixel created UI,

with the inclusion of many features like:

- The exclusive “Six” wallpaper

- With the Atomic Style on all the main applications, like Gmail, Chrome, Contacts, Phone, Mms, Browser, Apollo and the CM File Manager.

- Unique graphics all over the system, your apps will taste a new look.

- With custom transition animations for buttons and listviews, never seen before.

- With the translucent statusbar for the Clock App on Kitkat.

- and much more!

This theme is CyanogenMod CM10.2, CM11 – AOKP – CarbonRom – Paranoid Android 4.4. Compatible, and it require the Tmobile Theme Chooser to be applied.

It’s tested on some devices and works good on CM9 CM10, CM10.1 Roms, anyway the support is not guaranteed.

Please report any bug before rate the theme, you will help me to continue to make this theme better, thanks!


* Error: “This theme is missing assets for your device’s screen resolution” *

- select “Apply Anyway” (that’s a issue of the theme chooser app, the theme has everything required)

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