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Minggu, 29 Juni 2014

Fluid SE 1.01 APK

Download Fluid SE 1.01 APK for your Android phone.

Current Version: 1.01

Requires Android: 2.3 and up

Category: Racing

v1.01 update:


* Added group time display if you have 25 stars in a group.

* Added a help screen (start of game, and from pause menu).

* Added an instant restart button (appears after you start moving).

* Decreased the number of stars needed to unlock some groups (up to 10 stars less).

* Slight rendering speed-up.

* Fixed Rate The Game link to appear sooner.

* Couple minor fixes.


“A fast-paced and relentlessly hard racer, Fluid SE is well worth your time. 8 out of 10″ – PocketGamer

Fluid SE is a thrilling time-trial racer mixed with the arcade gameplay of Pac-Man, brought to you by Radiangames, creator of Inferno+, JoyJoy, Super Crossfire, and more. Speed through the mazes to collect the dots, find the optimal path, and avoid the swarms of spectres.

In Fluid: Special Edition, you guide Streak (a speedy black fish) through 40 levels filled with dots, obstacles, and powerups. Each dot you collect spawns a spectre that tries to chase you down, while the powerups give an upperhand temporarily, either with a speed boost, a vortex that attracts spectres, or spectre-bursting spikes.

* Finish the levels as fast you can and you’re rewarded with up to 5 stars.

* 5-star times aren’t initially shown, but getting a 4-star or higher time will reveal that level’s 5-star time.

* Levels are unlocked in groups of 5, with each group requiring a minimum amount of stars.

* Every 5th level is a bonus level (with no spectres), while every 4th group has Turbo Levels, which increase Streak’s speed even more.

* Track your progress with 12 achievements.

* Use the amazingly smooth and accurate virtual controls or an Bluetooth HID-compatible game controller.

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