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Senin, 23 Juni 2014

NiLS Lockscreen Notifications 1.5.418 APK

Download NiLS Lockscreen Notifications 1.5.418 APK for your Android phone.

Current Version: 1.5.418

Requires Android: 4.0 and up

Category: Personalization

v1.5.418 update:

<b>v1.5.418</b> Bug fixes

<b>v1.5 – Huge update!</b> so many improvements:

-<b>NiLS FP has been integrated into NiLS</b> reduced memory usage and improved stability. – requires new permissions – please see app description for more information.

-<b>New and improved appearance</b> – access many options and settings easily using the new card base UI and the left navigation drawer

-<b>Supports ANY lock screen</b>

-<b>New privacy options</b>

-<b>Auto screen turn off</b>

-<b>Many bug fixes</b>


NiLS provides the best way to display and interact with notifications on your lock screen.

NiLS displays a list of your notifications on top of your lock screen and it doesn’t need a widget to be placed. it supported on most of the lock screens including WidgetLocker, Cover, GoLocker and many more.

Main features

• Displayed on top of any lock screen (no matter if it supports widgets or not)

• Provides swiping gestures such as swipe right to dismiss, drag icon to open, swipe down to dismiss all, etc.

• Displays full notification content as it appears on Android notifications bar and provides ability to perform actions such as archive gmail or reply missed call with SMS if available on the notification.

• Highly customizable and provides 3rd party themes support

Use swiping gestures to interact with the notifications:

- Swipe notification left or right to dismiss.

- Swipe notifications list down to dismiss all.

- Swipe notification icon right to open notification or perform additional actions.

- Click to show a preview, scroll down or up in the preview to read all text.

Customize NiLS however you want:

- Set position and size, anywhere you want on your lock screen.

- Set any colors you want as your title color & text color, font sizes & vertical alignment

- (Premium) Change icon background and notification background.

- (Premium) Show multiple lines of each notification and change icon size.

- (Premium) Use 3rd party themes for great looking notifications.

Please note – NiLS requires you to enable a notifications service, please follow installation instructions within the app

Permissions used:

Photos/Media/Files – Allows NiLS to save & restore backup file on the sdcard

Device & app history – Allows NiLS to detect what is the current running lock screen app

In-app purchases – Allows NiLS to suggest you to upgrade to full version


First, read FAQ for installation instructions and see answers for most common questions:

Didn’t find an answer? Have a bug report or feature request? contact

Every email will open a ticket. we’ll respond any request usually within 24 hours.


Join our community on Google Plus for discussions and announcements.

Beta testing

If you want to get early access to beta versions and help us test new versions, request to join our beta community here:

and follow instructions here:

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